No bacteria, no life

 YUN’s head of research Dr. Ingmar Claes talks about why we have to love our bacteria.

As a microbiologist I am interested in all microorganisms our bodies carry around. The developments in science and technology over the last decades, have made it much easier for us to study those microorganisms.

What is so interesting about microorganisms? Well, that’s easy. Every single human on the planet ‘owns’ about 10,000 billion bacteria. They live inside as well as on our bodies, and there is not a single person who can live without bacteria. No bacteria, no life. We need them to protect us against bad intruders which can cause diseases, to make us better when we’re sick and they even have major influences on our looks.

The problem is, and has been for a long long time, that we as humans try to kill every living creature, even the ones we cannot see. As children, we were taught that every kind of bacteria is evil and must be destroyed at all times. Humans want to be absolutely sure that everything is and remains sterile. Simply because we do not want to get sick and all products, such as cosmetics, must have a long or almost an eternal shelf life. We use antibiotics, anti fungals, antiseptics, surgical spirit, even antibacterial soaps to clean the house and our own bodies!

I’m no saint on this subject. I plead guilty to bacterial mass murder for years and years. Not only my own bacteria but also my children’s. Please don’t get me wrong, children really do need a good wash from time to time, but that doesn’t mean we have to kill all bacteria. But, I have seen the bacteria-light! I do recognise that it’s easier said than done. Danger lurks in almost every bottle or jar. Fortunately, YUN has arisen! YUN doesn’t kill off everything. We acknowledge, appreciate and stimulate good bacteria, the ones we need so badly. Join us in loving our bacteria today!

Dr. Ingmar Claes,
Head of research at YUN


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