Believe it or not: bacteria have gender preferences!


Believe it or not, but bacteria choose you based on your gender. Corynebacterium, which usually dwells in the armpit and is responsible for that typically pungent odour, prefers male bodies. The bacterium is 80% more abundant on male skin than on female. Is this why men are more likely to have smelly pits than women? We think so…

On the other hand, Enterobacteriales is 400% more abundant on women and Lactobacillaceae 340% more. The latter can be found mainly in the vagina and is responsible for a healthy vaginal microbiome.

Amazingly, women carry more different types of bacteria on their hands than men. And no, this doesn’t mean that women wash their hands any less or that they do dirtier jobs. It is probably due to the fact that men have more acidic skin. This makes it harder for bacteria to live in. The intestinal flora in men and women react differently to the same diet as well.

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