YUN skin care is based on live bacteria


Our scientific breakthrough has made skin care based on friendly bacteria possible. Our research team identified a number of friendly bacterial strains that are strong enough to fight off harmful bacteria and fungi, without damaging the skin’s natural balance. Additionally, brand new processes and compositions were developed to ensure these live bacteria maintain their activity after being processed into skin care products. This means an important breakthrough in the fight against bacterial resistance and the overuse of antibiotics.

Developing the bacterial strains that would be strong enough to fight off pathogens and would be stable enough to put into practical application was only the beginning of YUN.

The next challenge would be discovering the right formulation that allowed live bacteria to remain dormant in their packaged state but become active upon contact with the skin. Under the guidance of Professor Filip Kiekens, head of the pharmaceutical technology and biopharmacy department at the University of Antwerp, pharmaceutical scientist and MD Tim Henkens created the winning formulas that allowed YUN Probiotherapy to come to life.

Never before has anyone managed to preserve live bacteria in a stable state that allowed for the commercialisation of skincare products.

Prof. Sarah Lebeer: “Research showed us that regular preservatives in skin care products kill bacteria, including the friendly ones we so desperately need. In order to avoid this we’ve developed a number of alternative processes and formulations. Thanks to, among other, microcapsules we are able to keep our bacteria in a watery state for a long period of time, for example in a skin cream. The bacteria are kept in a dormant state, without being killed or losing their effectiveness. Only when they come into contact with skin do they become active again.”

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We’ve just sent out our very first press release, telling the world about our scientific breakthrough. Read the full press release here.

Watch our very first television performance! Ingmar Claes explains what probiotherapy stands for and tells how we were able to use live bacteria in our creams. Tom Verlinden is proud to say we are the first ones in the world to have developed probiotherapy, a revolutionary new solution to common skin concerns!

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