Good bacteria are designed to fight off harmful bacteria and keep us safe and healthy. These friendly bacteria are collectively known as our microbiome, which forms our first line of defence against bad bacteria, scientifically called pathogens.

A healthy microbiome fights off harmful organisms, but when it becomes unbalanced problems such as acne, athlete’s foot or vaginal irritation can occur. Traditionally we treat these skin concerns with products that kill off all bacteria, both good and bad. However, antibacterial soaps, anti-fungal sprays and antibiotics weaken our natural resistance as they wipe out our protective bacteria along with the pathogens.

Instead, YUN tips the balance in nature’s favour. Our probiotics add more good bacteria to the natural mix so that harmful bacteria and fungi no longer have the chance to flourish. YUN Probiotherapy stimulates the growth of your good bacteria and adds even more friendly bacteria right where they are needed. Our topical creams, gels and sprays deliver live, protective bacteria straight to your problem area and help rebalance your system.

By using the same bacteria that protect newborn babies during their first months of life we’ve been able to harness Mother Nature’s most protective forces for your benefit.

Love your body. Love your bacteria.


Our first scientific challenge was to find the most effective bacteria to fight the bad bacteria and fungi that cause skin problems. Our research team identified a number of friendly bacterial strains that are strong enough and that don’t damage the skin’s natural balance.  These patented YUN bacteria, YUN-V1.0, YUN-V2.0 and YUN-S1.0, have been proven to be strong enough to fight off problem-causing bacteria on your skin.

Next, we came up with a revolutionary system to keep our bacteria alive in a skin cream. Brand new processes and compositions were developed to ensure these live bacteria maintain their activity after being processed into skin care products: our bacteria are kept in a sleep-like state in tiny microcapsules. Once you apply them to your skin, the microcapsules pop open and become active so they can start fighting the bad organisms.

Finally, we developed a range of washes and creams that are either free from preservatives and emulsifiers, or contain only gentle preservatives and emulsifiers that do not harm your skin’s microbiome. As the gentle preservatives become inactive when applied to the skin, they are safe for your protective layer of friendly bacteria.


We are finalising our clinical studies in collaboration with the University Hospital of Antwerp and more are currently taking place. We stand by our products and know you’ll love them as much as we do.



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