What probiotherapy really means

Wat probiotherapy really means

Whether you have sensitive, mixed, oily or dry skin you want to make sure the natural balance of your skin is maintained to keep your skin looking radiant. The naturally present bacteria on your skin are important for that balance and to keep your skin healthy. Probiotherapy maintains that healthy balance and it can help treat common skin concerns in a gentle and more natural way.

Your skin has billions of friendly bacteria that act as your main protection against the elements and daily pollutants. This bacterial biome plays a big part in keeping you healthy and safe as it is designed to fight off irritants and infections.

Love your bacteria

If you have sensitive, mixed, oily or dry skin or even if you are simply looking for a kinder way to treat your face and body, probiotherapy can play an important role in keeping your skin healthy. Probiotherapy helps you to maintain and restore your natural skin microbiome, as it doesn’t harm your protective bacterial shield.

YUN Probiotherapy contains only the essential ingredients and nothing that could disturb your natural balance. Our friendly bacteria have been carefully selected for their specific health benefits, which means YUN probiotherapy can help you restore balance to your body and treat skin concerns in a gentle and more natural way.

What is probiotherapy?

Probiotherapy relies on the addition of friendly bacteria to increase your natural biodiversity. These friendly bacteria will help maintain your skin’s natural balance, stimulate your immune system and nurture the friendly bacteria present on your skin, making them stronger so they can fight off the harmful bacteria.

Healthy skin, as much as unbalanced skin suffering from skin concerns, benefits from probiotherapy. You can never have too many friendly bacteria, regardless your skin type.

The benefits of probiotherapy

vs. antibiotics, antifungals and disinfectants

Whereas antibiotics, antifungal treatments and disinfectants are designed to kill all natural microorganisms, probiotherapy safeguards the good microorganisms in order to fight off the bad.

Antibiotics, antifungals and disinfectants, however effective, don’t just kill the problem-causing bacteria, but also cause a fair bit of collateral damage as they kill our beneficial bacteria as well. The idea is that the bacteria responsible for good health will return on their own and the bad ones will stay away. However, using such powerful treatments on a regular basis increases the survival chance of harmful pathogens and can create resistance to treatment. When we strip away all our friendly bacteria our protective shield has been compromised, which means new infections and irritations are more likely to occur.

Probiotherapy however, increases the number of good microorganisms in your natural microbiome. Your friendly bacteria and your overall system will become stronger, making you healthier and better able to fight off irritations and infections.

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