What do yoghurt and your vagina have in common?

What do yogurt and your vagina have in common?

The vagina is arguably one of our most delicate organs. It is naturally acidic and full of beneficial bacteria that help defend against vaginal infections and maintain a normal pH level. In fact, after the bowel, the vagina contains more bacteria than anywhere else in the body.

A healthy balance 

The friendly bacteria in your vagina help maintain a healthy pH balance and are your most important natural protection. The most dominant bacteria are called lactobacilli and they outnumber any harmful bacteria that might cause vaginal infection or inflammation. As they produce naturally occurring antibiotics such as lactic acid, bacteriocins and hydrogen peroxide, they protect you against all sorts of daily vaginal issues. Lactobacilli reduce or kill harmful bacteria and stop invading bacteria from sticking to the vagina walls.

Unfortunately, the delicate balance of beneficial lactobacilli can be disturbed by any number of things. Hormonal changes, certain medications, perfumed soaps and antibacterial wipes are just some of the most common causes of change to your vaginal pH level.

These changes can reduce the quality or amount of lactobacilli, which means other bacteria are able to multiply. In turn this can lead to infections such as thrush (yeast infection), bacterial vaginosis and other imbalances that can cause symptoms such as itching, irritation and abnormal discharge.

Benefits of probiotics and probiotherapy

Dairy products naturally contain lots of beneficial lactobacilli also known as probiotics. Their digestive benefits have long been known, even before we understood exactly why. Probiotics help keep your intestinal flora diverse and strong and maintain the right bacterial balance in your gut.

The use of probiotics stretches back to the earliest of times, with fermented milk products such as yogurt, kefir and cultured milk being pictured in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. These foodstuffs have since been proven to play an important role in our overall health by scientists and health experts.

It’s not surprising then that probiotherapy can keep your most intimate parts healthy, considering it also safeguards the natural bacterial balance. You want to be sure that you’re using a daily gentle wash that doesn’t diminish or harm your natural vaginal lactobacilli. This is where YUN Probiotherapy’s daily VGN wash comes in: designed to maintain and safeguard your delicate vaginal pH balance.

Should you be suffering from a vaginal infection such as thrush, vaginal dryness or vaginosis then the cream we are currently developing will help soothe your issue. As these vaginal concerns are all caused by bacterial imbalances the beneficial amounts of lactobacilli in our cream will help restore balance to your most intimate parts in a kind and gentle way.

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