Teen or adult acne, fight it by being kind to your skin

Fight acne by being kind to your skin

Increase your natural resistance to acne by using skin care products that are gentle to your skin’s natural bacteria. YUN’s skin-friendly acne therapy nourishes your skin by adding friendly bacteria to your natural protective biome, boosting their numbers to battle those annoying spot-causing bacteria.

Be kind to yourself

You might not know it, but the skin is actually our body’s largest organ.  Designed to protect us from the elements, it is covered in billions of friendly bacteria that form a natural barrier to protect us from infections. This protective shield is called the human microbiome or also skin flora.

The more friendly bacteria that can be found in your flora, the stronger your natural resistance to those annoying spot-causing bacteria. YUN Probiotherapy works by creating a microscopic film of live bacteria on your skin, essentially boosting the friendly to battle the bad.

Washing your face with really strong chemicals and harsh products such as antibacterials, antiseptics and other agents designed to kill off harmful bacteria, can dry out your skin, cause additional flare-ups and embarrassing red patches. They also wash away these friendly, protective bacteria, leaving you more open to new infections and irritations.

Our ACN wash and cream are kind to your natural bacterial shield, and add even more of the beneficial ones right there where you need them. Instead of drying your skin out like other products can, YUN nourishes it with lots of beneficial bacteria to give you healthy, glowing skin.

Your skin thanks you

Feeding your skin with lots of good stuff will help you in your fight against blocked pores, spots, blackheads and even cystic acne.

No one likes having itchy, irritated or flaky skin, so make sure you use skin-friendly products that contain an absolute minimum of additives. Use products that only contain the necessary ingredients. A nice, light scent is fine of course, as long as the perfume isn’t alcohol-based, just like a quality scrub will make you feel fresh and clean.

From minimising the use of alcohol-based skincare products to eating a varied diet, your skin will thank you. There are even more things you can do to beat the bugs that cause acne breakouts and flare-ups. Simply follow these 10 simple pimple steps!

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