Discover ACN+ Face Wash and Face Cream. Active skincare therapy for dry skin prone to acne.

ACN+ is a revolutionary new solution to acne for a dry skin. The clinically proven formula relies on good bacteria to fight off acne-causing bacteria. At the same time it cares for your skin in a sustainable and gentle way without harming the skin’s delicate and natural balance. ACN+ Face Wash and Cream help overcome spots, blemishes and dry patches, whilst moisturising mature skin.


Your skin’s natural protective layer consists of friendly bacteria that are important for your balance, as they keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. When natural protective barrier is thrown off balance, acne-causing bacteria can overgrow, causing spots, blemishes and dry patches.

ACN+ Face Wash is a soft wash that cleans your skin without harming your skin’s protective layer.

ACN+ Face Cream is a hydrating cream that contains friendly bacteria to restore the natural balance of your skin.

Nature has its own way of maintaining balance. 

By applying ACN+ Face Cream directly to the problem area, the skin is able to restore its bacterial balance and fight off acne naturally.

“I have been suffering from acne for a long time. Since I’ve been using ACN+ the spots on my face have reduced significantly. Two weeks ago I counted 22 spots, today I only count 2.”

ACN+ skin care therapy in 3 steps

1/ ACN+ relieves and prevents acne

ACN+ is effective yet gentle skin care for dry skin prone to acne. ACN+ Face Wash and ACN+ Face Cream help overcome spots, blemishes and dry patches, at the same time moisturising dry skin. Added friendly bacteria in ACN+ Face Cream actively fight off acne-causing bacteria.

2/ ACN+ restores the skin’s balance

ACN+ restores and safeguards your skin’s natural balance. ACN+ Face Wash maintains your natural biodiversity, helping to preserve your skin’s natural balance, stimulate your immune system and protect the friendly bacteria on your skin, as where ACN + Face Cream actively increases your natural biodiversity, actively nurturing the friendly bacteria on your skin so they become stronger to fight off acne-causing bacteria.

3/ ACN+ prevents bacterial resistance

ACN+ prevents bacterial resistance as it leaves the skin’s natural protective layer unharmed. There is no risk of resistance to treatment. ACN+ Face Cream fights off the acne-causing bacteria while safeguarding your naturally friendly bacteria, allowing them to prevent acne-causing bacteria to (over-)grow. The survival chance of acne-causing bacteria decreases, making your skin less prone to acne.

What is special about our active skin care therapy?

ACN+ Face Cream contains friendly lactobacilli

ACN+ Face Cream uses friendly bacteria, called lactobacilli, which are strong enough to fight off acne-causing bacteria. By applying the friendly bacteria directly to problem areas, the skin is able to restore its balance and fight off acne naturally.

ACN+ Face Cream is based on live bacteria preserved in microcapsules

The live lactobacilli in ACN+ Face Cream are kept in a dormant state until they come into contact with skin. Thanks to microcapsules they can survive in a watery solution, without losing their effectiveness. Once applied to the skin they will become active, restoring and safeguarding your skin’s natural balance. Free from regular preservatives, ACN+ doesn’t harm your naturally friendly bacteria.

ACN+ is probiotherapy, an innovative skin treatment

Probiotherapy is a sustainable solution against bacterial resistance caused by the overuse of antibiotics. ACN+ Face Cream creates a microscopic film of live bacteria on your skin, boosting the friendly bacteria to battle the acne-causing bacteria. Our scientific breakthrough opens the way for better treatment of acne.


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