Discover SKN, gentle skin care therapy for sensitive skin

Suffering from sensitive skin? Care for your skin in a kind and sustainable way with Yun Probiotherapy SKN. Our range of washes and creams are safe for your microbiome, as they contain a unique formula of gentle emulsifiers and preservatives. The SKN Therapy includes a Body Wash, a Body Cream and a Face cream that help maintain that all-important bacterial balance for softer, smoother skin that is less prone to breakouts, flare-ups, dry patches and redness.

Whether you’re sensitive to certain products or are simply looking for a kinder way to treat your face and body, probiotherapy plays an important role in keeping your skin healthy and clear.

A layer of friendly bacteria, called the microbiome, covers your skin. This natural protective layer is important for your balance, as these friendly bacteria protect your skin against the elements and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. As sensitive skin is easily unbalanced, breakouts, flare-ups, dry patches and redness can occur.

Your microbiome is as individual as a fingerprint, so it’s no surprise that you might react badly to products that are fine for other people. This is where our gentle SKN Therapy comes in.


SKN Therapy keeps your skin healthy and clear. SKN Body Wash, Body Cream and Face Cream help overcome dry, flaky patches, oily T-zones, breakouts and redness.

SKN Wash is a soft microbiome-friendly* body and facial wash.

SKN Body Cream is a soft microbiome-friendly* body cream.

SKN Face Cream is a soft microbiome-friendly* facial cream.

* doesn’t harm your skin’s protective layer and maintains your skin’s natural and delicate bacterial balance

Nature has its own way of maintaining balance. 

“After a year of dermatologist appointments, allergy tests and endless creams and potions, I’ve finally found a product that works. The red, itchy patches have completely gone and my skin is looking and feeling clear again.”

Why is our sensitive skin care therapy good for you?

1/ SKN relieves and prevents sensitive skin issues. SKN is gentle to the skin ensuring a balanced and moisturising skin treatment, perfectly complementing our active YUN Therapies.

2/ SKN safeguards your skin’s natural balance. Free from regular preservatives and emulsifiers, SKN doesn’t harm your natural friendly bacteria and doesn’t throw your delicate balance off.

3/ SKN maintains your skin’s acid mantle. As SKN is pH balanced, it preserves the skin’s protective function. Stimulating your immune system, SKN makes your skin less prone to sensitivity issues.


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