Discover ACN, gentle and active skin therapy for a normal to oily skin

No more worrying about your spots. Our ACN Therapy is based on a clinically proven formula and can help you prevent and relieve acne in a gentle and sustainable way. Clean your skin on a daily basis with ACN facial Wash and use the ACN Cream to actively fight your spots with friendly bacteria. Your skin will naturally clear up!

Spots, blackheads and other blemishes are part of life, as your body is undergoing massive hormonal changes. YUN’s ACN Therapy can help prevent and overcome these annoying skin issues.

First of all, we respect the friendly bacteria that are naturally present on our skin, as we realise they have an important function. They protect us against problem-causing bacteria and external influences. Secondly, we use friendly bacteria, called lactobacilli, to actively fight the bad bacteria that have managed to break through our protective layer.

Did you know we managed to keep those friendly bacteria asleep in our ACN Cream? 

In order for those friendly bacteria to be active and do their job, they need to wait for their cue. Once applied to your skin, they have to wake up and start fighting off the bad bacteria. As they wouldn’t survive the watery solution of the cream, we had to protect them. We managed to keep them alive and asleep in tiny capsules! The microcapsules will pop open as soon as you apply the cream to your skin, releasing the friendly fighters.


YUN Probiotherapy’s ACN is a gentle therapy that is free from regular preservatives and emulsifiers and that relies on gentle, natural perfumes. This applies to the full YUN range.

ACN Wash is a soft wash that cleans your skin without harming your skin’s protective bacterial layer, also known as your skin flora.

ACN Cream contains friendly bacteria that will fight off the acne-causing bacteria.

Nature has its own way of maintaining balance. 

By applying ACN Face Cream directly to the problem area, the skin is able to restore its bacterial balance and fight off acne naturally.

No more worrying about your spots!

1/ ACN relieves and prevents acne thanks to the friendly bacteria in ACN Face Wash. They actively fight off acne-causing bacteria making your skin healthy and clear again, just as it’s supposed to be.

2/ ACN restores your skin’s balance, making you less prone to acne. ACN Face Wash protects the friendly bacteria that are naturally present on your skin in order to maintain the right bacterial balance, as where ACN Face Wash boosts your bacterial balance with extra friendly bacteria so they can fight off the acne-causing bacteria.

3/ ACN prevents bacterial resistance, as the therapy only fights the acne-causing bacteria, keeping the friendly ones alive which we need to prevent future infections of acne.


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