10 tips to prevent vaginal infections


How to prevent vaginal infections? Following some simple rules and maybe change your hygiene habits can easily prevent infections and irritations. Remember, it’s all about letting your lady parts breathe and maintaining a healthy pH level! Check out our 10 best tips for daily intimate care.

You’ve probably suffered from a vaginal infection at some stage in your life, as it is a common female issue. An overgrowth of certain yeasts or bacteria can cause irritations and infections. It is normal for bacteria and fungi to live in your vagina. Most of them are perfectly harmless and a number even benefit your health (lactobacilli). But when your vaginal flora is disrupted, pathogenic microorganisms can grow more than usual and cause infections.

Hormonal changes around your period or during pregnancy, certain medications or birth control pills, soaps and antibacterial wipes, antibiotic treatments, conditions that affect your immune system or diabetes are some of the causes of change to your vaginal pH level. If you are suffering from an infection, you can experience symptoms such as itching, irritation and abnormal discharge. Some women are more likely to suffer from symptoms than others.

Although many factors play a role in the development of vaginal infections you can reduce the risk by following these easy steps.

Here are our best 10 tips for daily intimate care!

1. Use gentle feminine hygiene products and washes

Harshly deodorised tampons or pads, douching, harsh soaps can throw your vaginal pH level off balance. YUN’s Vaginal Care therapy relies on gentle, natural perfumes that respect your natural and delicate balance. Your vagina is naturally acidic which is healthy!

2. Go commando at night

Keep your lady parts dry and let them breathe to stop bacteria from growing.

3. Get enough sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep every night so that your immune system is strong enough to do its job: protecting you from infections and uncomfortable issues.

4. Avoid tight-fitting (under-)pants, pantyhose and especially jeans

They can cause irritation to your lady bits, increasing the risk of irritation and overgrowth of yeast. Switch to looser-fitting garments.

5. Wipe from front to back

Remember this after using the toilet! You don’t want those faecal germs to crawl all the way up into your lovely vagina.

6. Minimise the use of antibiotics

These harsh drugs will not only kill harmful bacteria but also the friendly lactobacilli, which you need for a healthy pH level. YUN Probiotherapy relies on good bacteria, nurturing your vagina’s lactobacilli to make them stronger to fight off bacterial and fungal imbalances.

7. Stick to cotton underwear

It keeps your genital area fresh. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester and lycra hold in moisture, creating a cosy, hot breeding ground for yeasts. Undies with a cotton panel in the crotch will also do the trick.

8. Wash down there

Clean yourself regularly but you should only freshen up the outside areas of your sensitive zone.

9. Keep your genitals dry

Especially after a shower. Change out of your wet bathing suit immediately after a swim and change underwear immediately after hitting the gym, as moisture will increase your risk.

10. Did you ever think about eating more yoghurt?

Yoghurt contains lactobacilli, the same good bacteria that live in your vag. Eating yoghurt is part of maintaining a healthy pH level throughout your body.

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