10 simple pimple steps to prevent acne


If acne is getting you down, then please know that things will turn around. This is not the end of life as you know it and you too can soon be as fresh-faced as your favourite pop idol! Spots, blackheads and even acne are simply part of life as a teenager. Your body is undergoing massive hormonal changes, which can cause breakouts. Don’t freak out. Simply follow our 10 simple pimple steps to prevent acne breakouts and the smile on your face will return in no time!

First off, please remember that everybody goes through periods of acne breakouts. You are not alone in this! Teens around the world struggle with the same issues you do.

Testosterone and other hormones

Your body has to deal with massive hormonal changes as you start becoming a young adult. Hormones have a big impact on both your body and your organs as they start to grow and change. We’re not yet entirely sure which hormones are responsible for causing acne, but we do know that testosterone is an important factor for spots. And believe it or not, both boys and girls produce testosterone!

What does sebum have to do with acne?

Equally, we all produce sebum through our sebaceous glands. Sebum – the waxy white stuff that comes out when you pick a spot – actually has a really important function as it’s nature’s way of keeping us moisturised and waterproofed.

When your skin and hormones are in balance, your natural sebum production keeps your hair shiny and your face looking fresh and healthy. Hormonal changes however can cause your system to start producing more sebum than your body needs. This excess of sebum can start blocking pores, causing spots and blackheads.

And although there’s very little we can do about those raging hormones, there are lots of things you can do to help prevent those acne-causing blocked pores.

10 simple pimple steps

Follow these 10 steps to help you feel better about your face. We love seeing you smile!

1. Be gentle with your skin. Acne is less likely to break out or worsen when you don’t scrub nor use a rough washcloth when washing.

2. If you use a (sun-) cream or moisturiser, make sure it’s not too greasy and free of colouring agents and alcohol-based perfumes.

3. As stress can cause the glands to overproduce sebum, try to relax and don’t let your parents, classmates, friends or even a test pressure you.

4. Resist the urge to squeeze your spots and pick at them. It can worsen acne and cause scars. It’s OK to squeeze a spot that is ready to come out, but picking at it when it’s not ready will irritate the infection further and cause scarring.

5. Rinse your face with warm water or mild skin care products no more than twice a day. Do wash after sports as sweat can clog your pores too.

6. Take off your make-up before bed and don’t sleep with it overnight.

7. Regularly change your razorblades as a blunt razor will scrape and damage your skin, causing further irritation.

8. If you notice your favourite chocolate bar or greasy snack triggers an acne breakout, avoid it.

9. Although your acne prone skin is most likely oily, you still need a moisturiser so your skin doesn’t dry out.

10. Don’t share make-up, razors or other facial care products with friends as you could transfer acne germs.

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