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We are proud to have reached the press with our innovative treatments for common skin concerns. What does our treatment involve and why is it revolutionary? Watch our first television performance, which takes you to the lab where the Yun philosophy began to breathe.

Acne, athlete’s foot, vaginal infections or sensitive skin: common skin concerns that no longer pose the problems they once did. Together with the University of Antwerp we identified several bacterial strains that are strong enough to protect the skin against pathogens and fungi by safeguarding the natural balance. By strengthening our natural resistance to harmful bacteria we can greatly reduce the need for antibiotics. This means a big breakthrough in the fight against bacterial resistance.

During our first television performance Ingmar Claes, Microbiologist at the University of Antwerp, explains what probiotherapy stands for and tells us how we were able to use live bacteria in our creams.

Ingmar Claes: “When we add bacteria to a cream, the cream becomes discoloured and goes off. If we add lots of preservatives we kill our live bacteria, which means our biggest challenge has been keeping the bacteria alive in a fresh cream. We’ve managed to achieve this by cocooning the good bacteria in microcapsules to keep them alive. When we apply the cream to our skin the capsules break, releasing the friendly bacteria and allowing them to start working.”

Tom Verlinden, founder of YUN, is proud to say we are the first ones in the world to have developed probiotherapy, a revolutionary new solution to common skin concerns.

Four years ago, entrepreneur and pharmacist Tom Verlinden was introduced to the research. He immediately recognised the huge potential of probiotherapy for the treatment of common skin concerns, but containing these live bacteria in a cream proved challenging.

Tom Verlinden: “As far as we know no one else has been able to tackle this problem and we are the first to employ this technique. We were able to patent our idea and our research showed that no one else is working this angle. It really is a world first.”

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