The story of YUN Probiotherapy


Like all good stories, ours is steeped in history. The creation of YUN Probiotherapy is the result of many years of hard work, the fortuitous coming together of the right people at the right time and above all an unshakeable belief in the power of bacteria.

Sarah Lebeer and Ingmar Claes, University of Antwerp

Bio Engineer and Professor in Microbiology Sarah Lebeer had been working with probiotics at the University of Antwerp for a number of years when Microbiologist and Bio Engineer Ingmar Claes came across her work whilst researching topics for his master thesis in 2007. Immediately drawn to the cellular and genetic research of bacterial strains and the many experiments and clinical research paths it promised, Ingmar found in Sarah the mentor that he’d been seeking. Successful research into probiotics for gastrointestinal use led to various R&D and innovation grants for other applications over the years, but it was Ingmar’s drive to find a practical use for this wealth of research knowledge that brought them to Tom Verlinden.

Tom Verlinden, YUN

Tom’s conviction that we need to restore balance to our lives and the world we live in meant he was immediately sold on the team’s groundbreaking approach to the hygiene hypothesis. His background as a pharmacist – specialising in creating over the counter pharmaceuticals – quickly led the team to start exploring the possibilities of harnessing good bacteria to treat common skin concerns. Together Tom, Ingmar and Sarah paved the road that would lead to the creation of YUN.

Filip Kiekens and Tim Henkens, University of Antwerp

Under the guidance of Professor Filip Kiekens, head of the pharmaceutical technology and biopharmacy department at the University of Antwerp, pharmaceutical scientist and MD Tim Henkens created the winning formulas that allowed YUN Probiotherapy to come to life. They discovered the right formulation that allowed live bacteria to remain dormant in their packaged state but become active upon contact with the skin.

Johan van Mol and Peter Van Riet, Before The Wave

Next on board were Johan van Mol and Peter Van Riet. Calling them product designers would be doing them a disservice. Having devoted their professional careers to creating meaningful stuff in an over-connected world, Before The Wave was the only natural fit possible for YUN. A perfect alignment of personal and professional values and a meeting of minds proved to be the final piece in the puzzle of bringing YUN to market.

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