Why should we love our bacteria?


Your body’s natural bacteria should be your best friends. They keep us healthy and protect us from annoying ailments. Acne, athlete’s foot, dandruff, vaginal problems and more, we’ve all been there. Luckily, nature has its own way of restoring balance. YUN is committed to changing the way we treat our bodies. Instead of killing all of our natural bacteria, YUN Probiotherapy offers a new solution to skin care and personal hygiene that brings sustainable relief to common ailments in a friendly way.

Good bacteria are designed to fight off harmful bacteria

The body is covered with bacteria. On our skin and even inside of us millions of bacteria are working hard to keep us healthy. They help us to digest food, they produce vitamins and hormones and they protect us from invasive pathogens.

Good and harmful bacteria live in a balanced symbiosis. Good bacteria outnumber the bad so they can do what nature designed them to do: fight off pathogens. Keeping our natural biome balanced protects us from annoying ailments and common skin concerns. Besides, the stronger the bacterial biodiversity of our body, the stronger our immune system becomes.

Why kill the good along with the bad?

Using powerful substances for everyday use such as antibiotics or anti-fungals and disinfectants or harsh soaps, kills all natural bacteria in the body, both good and bad. A lifestyle that is too hygienic and germproof increases the risk of bad bacteria becoming stronger than the good ones.

When our natural biome is disturbed, we leave it open to bacterial infections and irritations. Acne, athlete’s foot, dandruff, vaginal problems and more, we’ve all been there.

Even after antibiotic treatment the natural biome is likely to remain unbalanced as antibiotics are designed to kill of all bacteria. The idea is that the good ones return by themselves and the bad ones stay away, but this doesn’t always happen, leaving us open to new bacterial or fungal imbalances.

If we make sure we keep the good bacteria alive so they can fight off the bad, nature will restore balance by itself.

YUN uses nature’s way of restoring balance

YUN Probiotherapy gives nature a helping hand by maintaining and restoring balance by using good bacteria to fight off the bad. This new solution to skin care and personal hygiene brings sustainable relief, without causing your body additional harm or causing resistance to treatment. Contrary to harsh chemicals and antibiotics, YUN Probiotherapy promises to treat common ailments in a friendlier, more sustainable way.

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