Are you suffering from smelly feet?

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You don’t need to be a professional athlete to suffer from a fungal infection like tinea pedis. Microorganisms love a warm and moist environment, so it comes as little surprise that so many of us suffer the indignity of smelly feet or athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot spreads very easily and up to one in four people are thought to suffer from it.

Athlete’s foot is a very common problem that affects many of us, and can cause smelly feet, as well as itchiness, irritation and flaky skin. Fungi are the root cause of these highly irritating bacterial infections.

Although nature has its own way of taking care of bacterial imbalances, problem conditions such as athlete’s foot keep coming back simply due to their location. Feet are some of our sweatiest body parts. Stuffed inside warm shoes and socks all day, bacteria and fungi are given the ideal environment in which to flourish.

It’s easy to forget to dry properly between your toes and we are all guilty of wearing our favourite shoes way too often, or even wearing the same socks twice when we’ve run out of clean pairs. Easy oversights that allow the infection to continue growing.

Ten tips to prevent athlete’s foot

If you are prone to athlete’s foot or smelly feet, it’s easy to take some simple precautions to prevent future infections:

1. Wash your feet every day and dry properly between your toes.

2. Wear clean socks, changing them at least once a day

3. Choose cotton socks over synthetic socks. They will absorb sweat better and they allow the feet to breathe

4. Keep your socks, shoes or towels for yourself. In this case not sharing is caring

5. Avoid walking barefoot in public spaces that are warm and wet like showers, locker rooms, gyms and swimming pools

6. Wear leather or canvas shoes. These materials are more breathable than plastic

7. Let your feet breathe and unleash them regularly from your tight-fitting shoes

8. Give your shoes a day to air out, switching between different pairs on successive days

9. Keep your nails short and take your own nail instruments to the nail salon

10. Remove the hard skin on your feet with a foot file or a pumice stone.

Smelly feet

Although smelly feet are not necessarily caused by athlete’s foot, it can certainly play a role in how your feet smell. Interestingly, it’s not the sweat that creates smelly feet either. Bacteria on the skin break down sweat as it comes from the pores, which is what causes that typical smell. Good hygiene and a healthy bacterial balance are paramount to healthy feet.

Natural shield of bacteria

Getting rid of these infectious bacteria doesn’t mean you have to kill all the bacteria on your feet. In fact, your skin is covered in billions of friendly bacteria that are collectively known as your biome. They are there as a natural shield to protect us from infections.

If they’ve become unbalanced you want to give your biome a boost so that it can beat the bugs that cause smells and itches. Probiotherapy works by adding lots of friendly bacteria to the mix, allowing your microbiome to restore itself naturally. YUN has been working hard on developing a topical spray that treats foot problems such as athlete’s foot without damaging your natural skin biome.

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