8 reasons why we need bacteria for human life


Mankind wouldn’t exist without bacteria although bacteria would be perfectly happy existing without us. Some think they are beautiful, some think they are bad. But first and foremost they are beneficial to us all. Bacteria help us in every aspect of daily life. Here are 8 reasons why bacteria ensure your life on earth.

1. Bacteria produce oxygen for us to breathe

Photosynthetic bacteria, such as cyanobacteria in the ocean, use light energy to convert carbon dioxide from the air into oxygen.

2. Bacteria assist in the production of food

Bacteria convert carbohydrates into acids, which provides the characteristic tastes of wine, beer and cheese. Fermentation is a natural preservation technique for food.

3. Bacteria defend the body against disease

Good bacteria stop harmful bacteria entering the body and causing diseases and infections. They also train the immune system.

4. Bacteria help us to digest food

Your gut is home to millions of bacteria. They help you to break down food into energy so you can make it through the day.

5. Bacteria get rid of waste

Bacteria feed on dead vegetable matter, which they break down into compost.

6. Bacteria help plants grow

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria are capable of transforming atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia, a compound that plants use to grow.

7. Bacteria help form clouds

Atmospheric bacteria collect frozen droplets and promote the formation of clouds.

8. Bacteria purify polluted water

Some bacteria can purify polluted water by converting dangerous substances into harmless.


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