Product questions

How sensitive is the microbiome? Will one wash with soap remove my bacterial layer immediately?

Washing with soaps with aggressive preservatives and emulsifiers diminishes your skin bacteria. Luckily our skin bacteria can take a hit and often naturally restore themselves in persons with a healthy skin. However, on the longer term it might alter your natural skin’s microbiome, making it more prone to skin concerns.

What does ‘biome-safe’ or ‘biome-friendly’ actually mean?

Most soaps, shampoos and skin care products contain preservatives, emulsifiers and perfumes that are bad for your skin’s microbiome. We searched and selected specific preservatives, emulsifiers and perfumes that aren’t bad for the skin’s microbiome.

What is the science behind YUN and how do the bacteria in the therapies work?

Our first scientific challenge was to find the most effective bacteria to fight the bad bacteria and fungi that cause skin problems. Our research team identified a number of friendly bacterial strains that are strong enough and that don’t damage the skin’s natural balance. These patented YUN bacteria, YUN-V1.0, YUN-V2.0 and YUN-S1.0, have been proven to be strong enough to fight off problem-causing bacteria on your skin. 

We came up with a revolutionary system to keep our bacteria alive in a skin cream. Brand new processes and compositions were developed to ensure these live bacteria maintain their activity after being processed into skin care products: our bacteria are kept in a sleep-like state in tiny microcapsules. Once you apply them to your skin, the microcapsules pop open and our good bacteria start fighting the bad organisms. 

Finally, we developed a range of washes and creams that are either free from preservatives and emulsifiers, or contain only gentle preservatives and emulsifiers that do not harm your skin’s microbiome. As the gentle preservatives become inactive when applied to the skin, they are safe for your protective layer of friendly bacteria. The YUN bacteria are specifically selected to fight off the bad bacteria through competition.  With YUN Probiotherapy the natural balance of the skin’s bacteria is restored and safeguarded.


Do you use chemicals in your products?

From a scientific point of view, all molecules are considered ‘chemicals’. The ingredients in all YUN products are specifically selected for their safety.

Do you test on animals?

We most definitely do not test on animals. There are no other special ingredients used but bacteria and we can assure you that they are safe.

Can these bacteria cause any harm if ingested?

Our bacteria are specifically selected for their safety profile and will not harm you if ingested. But, for immunocompromised patients we recommend not to use any products before consulting a doctor.

Do all YUN Probiotherapy products need to be refrigerated?

No, but the curative creams with live bacteria in our ACN and ACN+ therapies have a prolonged shelf life when it’s refrigerated. This is not necessary as longs as you respect its expiration date. All other products can be stored at room temperature.

What side-effects should I expect when starting probiotics?

Probiotics are generally well tolerated. You may experience an increase in spots in the first few days using YUN’s ACN and ACN+ Probiotherapy. These symptoms occur when your skin and microbiome are still rebalancing in favour of the good bacteria, after which you should see skin improvement.

What does it mean if a product has been dermatologically approved? Is your product dermatologically approved?

The term “dermatologist-tested” simply means that the product was reviewed by a dermatologist, a doctor who specialises in treating the skin. The YUN therapies with live active probiotics are dermatologically tested at the University Hospital of Antwerp, in Belgium. To be absolutely sure you’re using the best products for your skin, consult your own dermatologist.

Can I find information about the clinical tests?

The results of the clinical trials will be further analysed and we will work on the publication of these results in scientific journals. Results will be available on the website after publication.

Are your products safe to use during a pregnancy or for children?

Yes, all our probiotherapies are safe for children and during pregnancy.

How do I use the products?

Every therapy must be applied to the problem zone on the skin. See the leaflet for detailed instructions. For an online detailed instructions for use for  a specific YUN Probiotherapy, click here.

How can I get the most out of my products?

Just simply follow the provided instructions carefully.

Do I have to use YUN products for ever?

YUN believes in the importance of the naturally present microbiome to protect us and prevent skin and vaginal issues. Using YUN products will safeguard these important body associated bacteria. If you stop using your specific YUN Probiotherapy and start using other products there is a possibility those other products contain elements which damage or completely remove good bacteria from your skin, which could have consequences to your skin’s condition.

What about travelling with my YUN products?

You can easily take your YUN products with you when travelling. Please do keep in mind that some products with a volume higher than 100ml, which depends on the authorities, might not be allowed in your hand luggage.

Do I need a prescription for this product?

No, none of the YUN Probiotherapies are medicinal therapies and thus requires no prescription.

How often do I have to use YUN Probiotherapy?

You will get the best results out of YUN Probiotherapy when using our products on a daily basis, just follow the provided instructions.

Where can I purchase YUN Probiotherapy?

Go to our webshop where you can buy your favourite therapy online or use the YUN Probiotherapy store locator to find resellers in your neighbourhood.

Is it necessary to cleanse my skin twice a day before I use the bacterial cream?

It isn’t specifically necessary to cleanse your skin twice a day but it is very important to use YUN’s facial and body washes to cleanse your face and body instead of any other soaps, shampoos or showering gels. They might be harmful for your skin’s microbiome and remove the good bacteria that our therapies contain.

Can I still use moisturisers, makeup, deodorant or sunscreen?

It is recommended to not mix YUN products with other products on your skin. Other products are often not tested to be biome friendly. Moisturisers, makeup and deodorants can diminish the effect of the YUN therapy. We would recommend the YUN SKN body cream and SKN face cream instead of other moisturisers. Makeup is not tested to be biome-friendly and therefore it is preferable to not mix it with YUN products on the skin.  Deodorants contain lots of perfume and alcohol which are not biome-safe, even though deodorant is not supposed to be used on the areas where YUN products are used. Sunscreen, however, is always very important to use to protect yourself if needed. Wait for a minimum of 30 minutes after you’ve applied YUN before you use sunscreen. 

Does it work as an anti-ageing or anti-wrinkles product?

There are several reasons for an ageing skin; oxidative stress, dehydration and dry skin. Agressive soaps harm the acid mantle and the bacteria on top of your skin. By attacking these protective layers, the dehydration of the skin accelerates which results in (more) wrinkles. YUN’s SKN Therapy is especially designed to protect these layers and to inhibit dry skin. Even though we haven’t added any active anti-ageing components, we do believe that the SKN products help the skin to maintain healthy and young.


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