No bacteria, no life

 YUN’s head of research Dr. Ingmar Claes talks about why we have to love our bacteria. As a microbiologist I am interested in all microorganisms our bodies carry around. The developments in [...]

Inflammatory reactions of the skin

Different bacteria have a different effect on your skin. We discuss some of the most commonly occurring skin concerns and their bacterial base.

What does your vaginal microbiome look like?

The vaginal microbiome varies from woman to woman, but the dominant species of bacteria are undoubtedly lactic acid bacteria. And with good reason!

Choose a gentle body wash that is friendly to the skin and its bacterial flora!

For optimal care of the skin it’s best to choose gentle body washes. YUN has developed a cleansing body wash for a gentle and balanced skin treatment.

The great potential of vaginal lactobacilli

Lactobacilli in the vagina have a major impact on our health. They protect us against irritations and infections.

Why are women especially prone to adult acne?

Acne is an annoying problem for many adults, but especially women. What are the possible causes for post-adolescent acne?

Spots: what causes them and how to get rid of them?

Many factors cause acne or spots. The skin issue can be treated with antibiotics but therapies with fewer side effects are preferable.

How can I treat dandruff and a dry, flaky scalp?

How can you get rid of dandruff without using harsh shampoos? YUN is developing a treatment that restores the bacterial imbalance of your scalp.

What is dandruff and what causes it?

An itchy, flaky scalp leaves you feeling less than your best. One of the main causes is a bacterial imbalance of the scalp.

Natural athlete’s foot treatments

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that can be difficult to treat effectively. YUN has developed a new therapy that does not cause resistance.

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