The more you kiss, the healthier you will be!

It is fun to cuddle with your significant other but what happens after a long overwhelming french kiss? You can’t see them, feel them or taste them, but your mouth is still home to entire [...]

Discover ACN, gentle and active skin therapy for a normal to oily skin

ACN Therapy includes a cleaning Wash and a revolutionary Cream that help prevent spots and blemishes. Based on a clinically proven formula.

Discover VGN Therapy: gentle and sustainable vaginal care therapy

Give your lady parts the sensitive care they deserve and need. VGN Wash safeguards your delicate pH balance in order to prevent intimate issues.

Discover FNG Therapy, active skin care that relieves and prevents athlete’s foot

YUN Probiotherapy FNG Therapy is a sustainable solution to athlete’s foot. FNG Spray and SKN Wash make an effective yet gentle therapy.

Discover SKN, gentle skin care therapy for sensitive skin

Safeguard your skin’s balance with YUN Probiotherapy SKN. Free from regular emulsifiers and preservatives, SKN helps overcome sensitive skin concerns.

Discover ACN+ Face Wash and Face Cream. Active skincare therapy for dry skin prone to acne.

Help prevent adult spots and blemishes with YUN Probiotherapy ACN+, based on friendly bacteria to fight off spot-causing bacteria.

What’s the difference between a yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis?

Both vaginal infections can occur when your vaginal microbiome is thrown off balance. A healthy balance is your most important natural protection.

How to squeeze a spot correctly

Exams always cause stress-related breakouts. If a spot is ready to come out, there is a correct way to squeeze it.

10 tips to prevent vaginal infections

Reduce your risk of vaginal infections: 10 tips for daily intimate care! It’s all about a healthy pH level and letting your lady parts breathe.

What is sebum and why can it cause spots?

Did you know you are more likely to suffer from spots if your skin produces too much sebum? Blocked pores can cause acne-causing bacteria to overgrow.

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